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One of its kind in Hillstation
in South India

This 5 star Deluxe Premier Palace Resort,in Munnar in Kerala , sprawling across vast expanses, nestled amidst forests, tea gardens, and plantations. The central attraction is the PALACE BLOCK , while the top-end Villas with PRIVATE POOLS ,with stunning views and the QUEEN VICTORIA block offer the epitome of luxury. The Pool Villas are renowned as the finest of their kind in India. This One of its Kind 5 star palace , in a South Indian Hillstation , holds the distinction of being one of the FIVE GEM Palace Resorts in India by Uncharted Tales.

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Experience Dream Weddings & Meetings in Our Luxury
Royal Palace, amidst Falls & Tea Gardens.

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One Among the
Five Gem Palace
Resorts in India by
Uncharted Tales

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Munnar Hills, known as the summer capital of the British, evokes memories of colonial lifestyles, including their club life, bungalows, horse rides, golf courses, and football.This 5-star Deluxe Royal Resort recreates colonial memories amidst the lush tea gardens.

Munnar's Grandest

Infinity Pool

Offers Stunning Views of
Cascading Waterfalls &
Sprawling Tea Gardens

The Eagle Park

A Gigantic Park Inside the Resort

A masterpiece emerges-- 300 artisans blend South India's finest craftsmanship into a stunning theme park in just 3 years..


The Elephant Spotting Point of Munnar

Where dusk reveals elephants gathering for a refreshing drink,
a captivating sight to behold........

Discover Tranquility

Queen Victoria Pavilion

A Speciality Centre for Kerala Ayurveda and Spa

Introducing the Queen Victoria Block: a specialty center for Ayurvedic Treatments and Rejuvenation. Offering high-end luxury and modern facilities, this retreat promises to be the ultimate destination for Ayurvedic solutions to dental, orthopedic, and neurological issues.

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Rejuvenation Therapy

Mind Care



Explore Viripara Hills &
Lakshmi Estate in


Where Adventure Gets Real

Adventure gets Real with Safari through the off - roads and Tea Plantations in a "Gurkha," Animal Spotting and Camping

Yoga Heals &

Experience our Yoga Rejuvenation Packages: Refresh your spirit at our forest resort,
where yoga unfolds amidst the serene embrace of nature.

Savor the flavors of paradise

Together in Paradise

A love-filled memory to treasure.Capture honeymoon moments amidst royal settings overlooking tea gardens, waterfalls, and forests, in the luxurious ambiance of this majestic palace.

A Symphony of Love

Embark on a journey of romance at our resort, where every moment feels like a dream come true. From our expansive 5-star Deluxe accommodations to the majestic waterfalls and theme park, indulge in a lifetime of experiences tailored for couples seeking the ultimate honeymoon getaway in Kerala, especially in enchanting Munnar. With breathtaking views and unparalleled luxury, we promise an unforgettable stay that exceeds all expectations.

Blissful Beginnings

The epitome of romantic luxury awaits couples at the sought-after retreat nestled within the Munnar hills' tea gardens. Welcome to The Royal Palace and Nature, where the morning chorus of birds serenades your awakening, and every room offers panoramic views of waterfalls and surrounding forests.