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The Exotic Luxury
Wedding Destination in Kerala

An ideal place for post-wedding shoots, an international wedding destination, and one of the best luxury choices in Kerala. The classic themed setups offer unparalleled experiences for the ceremony.

Dream about a wedding in a palace surrounded by tea gardens, cascading waterfalls, and a nearby reserve forest where giant elephants roam freely. The chilled temperature, combined with the cool breeze, makes it one of the best places in the world for romance and togetherness. It feels like a story come to life.

A 5-star deluxe palace resort nestled in the forest with breathtaking views and top-notch facilities. A wedding in such a gem of a palace, amidst tranquil and cool weather, is destined to be truly memorable.

When Juliet and Peter from Berlin, decided on their marriage venue, they envisioned a place so secluded and exotic that it would be etched in their album as sweet memories forever.

The wedding couple procession starts from the Queen Victoria block, nestled so close to the forest and tea gardens, and proceeds to the royal streets before the villas. Chariots, caparisoned elephants, and artforms in three layers lead the way, with ladies dressed in traditional Kerala attire holding Arathi (lighted lamps) in the front.

The bride and groom ride in imported vintage cars from England, once used by the royal family. As the procession enters the palace block, flowers shower down from the balcony, and a musical band from Italy plays the chorus. Upon reaching the balcony overlooking the poolside, panoramic views of cascading falls and tea gardens greet the bride and groom.


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